Roosevelt is a General Assignment Reporter and Anchor for Fox 8 news and joined the Fox 8 news team in August 2015.
This is a second homecoming for Rosie, (yes you can call him that)
During the 1990’s he was a reporter for another Cleveland station before moving to the Baltimore area.
Proud to call Cleveland his hometown, Rosie grew up on the eastside and is a graduate of John F. Kennedy High School and Ohio University’s School of Journalism.
He’s covered news stories in many different places from the Carolinas to Cleveland to Washington D.C. and has reported live for many big stories from the Browns leaving and returning to Cleveland, several hurricanes, the DC Sniper case and the Baltimore riots.
Rosie has been nominated for more than a dozen Regional Emmy Awards, but hasn’t won one, yet!
When he’s not working Rosie is an avid cyclist, an okay runner, and a awful swimmer. He also has a terrible Browns problem that can only be fixed with a trip to the Super Bowl.
You can follow Rosie on Twitter and Facebook.

Recent Articles
  • Lightning strikes Brook Park home, leaving family displaced

    BROOK PARK, Ohio — It was a one in a million shot, but a Brook Park family says they’re lucky to be alive after a lightning strike in their backyard. “I was coming up the side stairs. I just heard a huge boom and all this debris falling,” said homeowner Crystal Duffield. Duffield’s home is not too far from the airport and she said, at first, she thought something had fallen from the sky last Thursday night. Well, technically something […]

  • Rocky River Middle School is a ‘Cool School’

    ROCKY RIVER-How do you keep more than 650 middle school students eager to learn? At this week’s ‘Cool School,’  they do so by using art, music, a little bit of zen and they even use the force. Fox 8’s Roosevelt Leftwich gives us a look at Rocky River Middle School in the video above. **More ‘Cool Schools’ here**

  • ‘Make sure you come home alive’: Summit County offering free rides over St. Patrick’s Day weekend

    SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio — Summit county officials have a message for those going out for St. Patrick’s Day:  make sure you come home alive. They’re offering free rides to help avoid people driving drunk. Patricia Powell, a 17-year-old high school student who dreamed of going to college and eventually starting her own business was killed on the evening of March 27, 2016.  Her car broke down and as she was waiting for help on the side of Interstate 76 the driver […]

  • Berkshire Junior Senior High School is a ‘Cool School’

    BURTON-Giving students everything they need to succeed. That is the goal at this week’s ‘Cool School.’ Some of the things they need range from hands-on learning to dancing. FOX 8’s Roosvelet Leftwich takes us to Berkshire Junior-Senior High School in Burton in the video above. **More on Cool Schools here***

  • First grader celebrates being 5 years cancer free by shaving teacher’s head for St. Baldrick’s fundraiser

    MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio — A Middleburg Heights elementary school shared a special moment in the life of a first grade student. A boy named Kellen is five years cancer-free and he’s celebrating. Friday was Kellen Day. It’s a birthday, kindness day, life celebration mashup that ends in someone getting their head shaved. However, Kellen Kolozvary had a long journey before he got to where he is today. When he was barely a year old Kellen’s parents noticed he was having […]

  • St. Brendan is a ‘Cool School’

    NORTH OLMSTED-When you make your world full of color, it is always a better place. At St. Brendan School in North Olmsted students and staff fill their days with creativity and hard work as they bring joy to others. Fox 8’s Roosevelt Leftwich takes us to this week’s ‘Cool School’ **More cool schools here***

  • Police share video of intense search at Lakeland Community College; threat turned out to be hoax

    KIRTLAND, Ohio — Kirtland police are sharing body camera footage from the chaotic scene at Lakeland Community College Thursday night. A man called the department claiming he had two pipebombs and was going to shoot people on campus, but the threat turned out to be a hoax. Officers rushed  to the scene not knowing what to expect and swiftly search each building. Students and staff were told to evacuate, with some choosing to hide and others running straight to their […]

  • Strongsville Middle School is a ‘Cool School’

    STRONGSVILLE- Music and fashion were always the passion. No not the Copacabana, but this week’s FOX 8 ‘Cool School.’ Here that passion for math, English and many other things all come together. FOX 8’s Roosevelt Leftwich takes us inside the week’s Cool School, Strongsville Middle School in the video above. **Click here for more ‘Cool Schools.’  

  • Project could ease frustration for drivers at split between I-71 and SR 176

    The split between 71 South and State Route 176 has been a frustrating spot for commuters for years. Now, the Ohio Department of Transportation hopes they have a fix.  Starting next spring, they will add more than 1,000 feet of new lane to allow more space so cars will have more time to merge onto 176 South. But, how are they going to fit more space into that spot that seems so narrow? They’re going to move a lot of […]

  • Ohio lawmakers debate long-term effects of proposed gas tax increase

    COLUMBUS — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s administration is looking to increase Ohio’s gas tax by a minimum of 18 cents a gallon effective July 1, making the state’s tax the fifth highest in the country. However, officials say it could mean more over the long-term. ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks testified before the House Finance Committee Thursday saying that without a significant increase in funding the transportation department will not be able to repair roads or improve existing ones. They’re asking to […]

  • Coast Guard honors fishing crew for rescuing three men in rough Lake Erie waters

    GRAND RIVER, Ohio — Wednesday, the Coast Guard honored a fishing crew that saved the lives of three people over the summer. The waves were pretty rough on Lake Erie on August 25. That’s when the Coast Guard got a distress call from a boat about eight miles off shore. The callers stated they were sinking and needed help fast, but because the waters were so rough the coast guard was swamped. “We didn’t have anybody in the vicinity at […]

  • Long lasting bond: Local couple reunited after 40 years

    All this month we have been featuring love stories from across Northeast Ohio– showcasing love comes from marriage, children, pets and best friends. Today, we introduce you to a local couple who first met as children when they were in elementary school. It took more than 40 years and a heart transplant for the couple to build a bond that they say will now always keep them together. FOX 8’s Roosevelt Leftwich has more in the story above. ***More love […]

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