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  • Police search for hit-and-run suspect who injured 9-year-old on Cleveland’s west side

    CLEVELAND — Robin Sparks says her nine-year-old son, Tyron Brown, is lucky to be alive after losing a lot of blood during a violent hit-and-run car crash. “That day I lost 25 Cc’s of blood,” Tyron said. A Cc is 1 cubic centimeter. The crash happened on Cleveland’s west side at the intersection of Broadview and Pearl Roads on Sunday, February 10 at 6:30 p.m. The driver of a dark SUV demolished the side of their car and kept going. […]

  • Pick-up, drop-off policy changes at Cleveland Hopkins airport

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – Passengers at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will once again be able to catch their shuttles, taxis and ride share services at the terminals. City of Cleveland officials had moved the pick up and drop off locations a couple hundred yards away from the terminals for shuttles, taxis and ride share services to alleviate traffic congestion. Some passengers said it’s not easily spotted from the terminal, or easy to find. “It’s just not close enough for the things […]

  • Cleveland teenagers honored after working with Habitat for Humanity to renovate home for local family

    CLEVELAND — A group of Cleveland teenagers teamed up to completely renovate a home that was dedicated to a local family. Saturday, teens from John Adams, East Technical and Shaw high schools,  and the Boys and Girls Club, were honored during a ceremony in the house they renovated with Habitat for Humanity on East 130th Street. With the help of local construction workers, the teens learned more about the trade over several months. They then worked hard all summer long […]

  • Mother fights early release for hit-and-run driver who killed her son

    PAINESVILLE, Ohio — A Painesville mother is fighting against a judicial hearing request by the hit-and-run driver who killed her son. Christine McCarthy says life was going well for her 27-year-old Scott Thomas Hollifield.  He had a loving girlfriend and was proudly serving his country in the National Guard, but on a cold night in November 2016 he was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in Barberton Police later found and arrested 39-year-old Carl Sapper for the crime. In 2017 a […]

  • Active shooter drill causes chaos at Aultman Alliance Community Hospital

    ALLIANCE, Ohio — A chaotic scene unfolded at Aultman Alliance Community Hospital on Thursday after someone called 911 to report an active shooter. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm. Alliance police said the hospital was taking part in a drill. However, that information wasn’t made known to officers until after they arrived on scene. “It wasn’t a suspicious person. It wasn’t a male with a gun. It was an actual active shooter call, we have an active […]

  • Warm up could cause flood problems; Vermilion residents say it comes with the territory

    VERMILION, Ohio – Residents who live along the Vermilion River are keeping a close on potential flooding again as the ice begins to melt in this mild weather. The Erie County Emergency Management Director Tim Jonovich says so far it’s a slow thaw. However, the ice jam could break free anytime and overflow the riverbank. That’s exactly what happened more than a week ago when ice jams broke loose. The water came up fast, flooding Riverside Road and forcing homeowners […]

  • Popular Medina pub temporarily closed after frozen pipes burst

    MEDINA, Ohio — A popular pub in Medina is closed after a pipe burst for hours inside. The arctic blast is finally giving way to much milder weather in northeast Ohio, but as the ice starts to melt, it could create some new weather-related problems. Security footage from Sully’s Irish Pub in the Medina Square shows water raining down from a busted pipe that froze then thawed. The pipe burst 40 minutes after the pub closed and gushed all night […]

  • Officials in Brewster offer driving safety tips with more harsh winter weather on the way

    BREWSTER, Ohio — Officials in Stark County are offering driving safety tips after winter weather has taken a snowy and icy grip on Northeast Ohio. Blowing snow in Stark County left parts of county roads covered in snow Sunday, causing tricky driving conditions. In the Stark County town of Brewster there were several serious accidents last week due to weather conditions. Snow left slippery roads behind which resulted in a semi-truck sliding off the road and ending up tilted in a […]

  • MAPS Air Museum holds food pantry for furloughed workers from Akron Canton Airport

    NORTH CANTON, Ohio — Usually the MAPS Air Museum in North Canton salutes the history of military aviation by giving tours of treasured aircraft. But, Saturday afternoon, its hangar was turned into a special place for furloughed federal workers from the Akron Canton Airport. The museum offered their space to open a temporary food pantry for those workers. “They’re in a bad situation right now. One of the things I learned as a military officer is you take care of your team. […]

  • Ways to protect your pipes during freezing temperatures

    WILLOWICK, Ohio — You count on your home’s water pipes for drinking, eating, cleaning, washing clothes and more, but if those pipes freeze all of that is in jeopardy and you’ll need costly repairs. With a brutal forecast, area plumbers expect to be super busy. “It’s going to be the busiest time of the year for us,” said John Langer president of H Jack’s Plumbing and Heating. Langer said there are steps you can take to try to avoid frozen pipes. […]

  • Residents in Ashtabula clean up snow after winter storm

    ASHTABULA, Ohio — While this snow storm hit all of northeast Ohio people in Ashtabula County got buried by heavy snow and gusting wind. The sound of snowblowers filled Ashtabula neighborhoods Sunday as people dug out from more than a foot of snow from Saturday’s ferocious winter storm. Snow plow driver Alex Ennis was busy clearing driveways all day. “The biggest thing is the drifting with the two foot drifts and plowing out cars,” Ennis said. Snow drifts prevented Kathy Kasputis […]

  • Buy a pass, avoid a ticket: City of Wellington makes offer to drivers

    WELLINGTON, Ohio–The four public parking lots located near or in Wellington’s downtown get a lot of use. Some neighborhoods and apartments are also located next to or in downtown. That means many residents have few options when it comes to parking for more than 24 hours in downtown. If you use a city parking lot longer than that and don’t keep moving your car around the clock,  the city will fine you a ten dollar ticket which can add up.  In […]

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