Mackenzie Bart

Mackenzie Bart is no stranger to the snow as she grew up just down the road from one of her favorite forecasters, Punxsutawney Phil.

Mackenzie found a love of weather at an early age due to the endless hours of watching The Weather Channel with her grandparents. She also witnessed the aftermath of the Joplin tornado outbreak, which lead her to study Atmospheric Sciences at The Ohio State University.  

During college, Mackenzie was crowned Miss Ohio 2014 and competed in the Miss America competition. There, she placed in the Top 10 and won the talent award alongside her ventriloquist puppet, Roxy.

After college, Mackenzie worked in Fort Myers, Fla., where she covered tropical systems, including Hurricane Irma.

After missing the fall and winter seasons, Mackenzie returned to Columbus, Ohio, to forecast the ups and downs of the Ohio Valley. Mackenzie is very excited to be closer to some water and be a member of the historic Fox 8 weather team.

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