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  • OH politicians pleased with trade deals; farmers hopeful while autoworkers not thrilled

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Two major trade deals made significant news this week: the U.S. Mexico Canada (USMCA) was finally ratified by the Senate and President Donald Trump signed “Phase One” of a trade agreement with China.​ By and large, it is accepted that these agreements did good things for some people. But what did they do for you?​ The “Phase One” agreement with China left billions of dollars of tariffs in place for you as a consumer to pay […]

  • Young inventors show off new ideas at Ohio Statehouse

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — Whether it is an all-natural chew toy for dogs; or a paint that burns less than traditional commercial paints; or a plunger molded to ensure diabetic patients get every last drop of their expensive and vital medicine out of an injection vial; kids found solutions to problems they saw around them. This year’s annual Kid Inventor Day at the Ohio Statehouse saw nearly two dozen kids recognized by lawmakers for their work developing their inventions, nearly […]

  • U.S. Census Bureau preps for count; tips for what to expect and what to watch out for

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — It’s one of the most important surveys you can fill out living in America. Every 10 years, a count is taken of the population of the United States. Every man, woman, and child is counted, the results of which impact life in a multitude of ways.​ From a financial standpoint, $675 billion in federal funding is based on this population count and it’s used to divvy up how big a slice of that pie each state […]

  • Ohio to offer free stop smoking programs

    COLUMBUS (WJW) — Several options for people who are ready to extinguish their cigarettes for good were announced Thursday afternoon by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, the Ohio Department of Health, and health care organization OhioHealth.​ The programs are all free and designed to help you kick the habit.​ The Ohio Department of Health is offering two programs, one for adults and one for teens.​ “We actually have 8-weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy for anyone, regardless of your ability to […]

  • Effort to bring universal background checks for guns to Ohio delayed

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — The ballot initiative group that supports universal background checks announced on Friday they will be pushing for bringing the measure to lawmakers and potentially voters in 2021.​ “We think that 2021 gives us the best opportunity to have a clear and simple and straight forward conversation with Ohio voters,” said Dennis Willard, spokesman for Ohioans for Gun Safety.​ Since the effort began earlier this year, the group has kept their options open as to when it […]

  • 18 voters accused of casting ballots in both Ohio and another state during 2018 election

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — A deep dive into the data for the 2018 General Election has resulted in a number of announcements about potential voter fraud over the past few weeks.​ Recently, Frank LaRose, the Ohio Secretary of State, announced 354 non-citizens registered to vote for the mid-term election; more than 70 of them did.​ Wednesday, Ohio’s top election official released more information about potential voter fraud, this time accusing 18 individuals of casting a ballot in more than one state […]

  • Ohio lawmakers hit the brakes on 8-year drivers’ licenses

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW)– The check engine light may be on for a piece of legislation that seemed simple enough not too long ago. State Rep. Derek Merrin (Moncolva Township-R) wants to give Ohioans the option of renewing their driver’s license every eight years. Ohio would not be the first state to do this. Nineteen others already allow for this length of time between renewals. As it was introduced, Merrin’s bill opens this option up for motor vehicle, motorcycle and commercial […]

  • Ohio lawmakers consider expanding sales of alcohol infused ice cream

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — A few years ago, the Ohio legislature passed a bill that allowed alcohol infused ice cream to be made and sold for consumption on the premises where it was created.​ Now, some want to add a second scoop to that by allowing manufacturers to sell it to grocers, restaurants and the public at large via the internet.​ The House Bill, now making its way through the Senate, would let third party food delivery services like Uber […]

  • Ohio legislature to consider changes to voter registration, verification

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW)– Senate Bill 186, a bill of significant size and impact that addresses voter verification and registration is scheduled for a hearing Tuesday, but its bipartisan sponsors are calling for a short delay. The bill was introduced in August by State Sens. Vernon Sykes (Akron-D) and Nathan Manning (North Ridgeville-R). About three weeks later, it was assigned to the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee. It was supposed to get its first hearing in front of the committee […]

  • Ohio lawmakers propose bill aimed at shutting down in-state hackers

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW)  — State Representative Brian Baldridge’s bill overhauls computer crimes for the State of Ohio. It moves a number of currently prohibited activities to a new section and creates additional crimes that can be charged. Many of the penalties of these crimes are currently listed as 3rd degree felonies and are geared for black hats and cracking in general.​ Black hats are individuals who break into systems seeking personal gain; white hats do so to expose weaknesses in order […]

  • State Medical Board appreciates working group’s report, Strauss case review delayed

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – The working group put together by Governor Mike DeWine, for the purpose of exploring how and why the State Medical Board of Ohio failed to discipline Dr. Richard Strauss for sexual misconduct, released a report of its findings and its recommendations to address deficiencies at the end of August.​ Monday, the State Medical Board had the chance to publicly address the working group about the report. The report detailed 8 recommendations the State Medical Board is […]

  • Ohio lawmakers make second attempt to ban all abortions with new legislation

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Some Ohio lawmakers are proposing new legislation that would put a ban on all abortions. Last General Assembly, the bill that would have completely banned abortions had no exceptions for life of the mother, incest, or rape; and it carried a potential murder charge for women who have abortions and the doctors that perform them.​ The bill introduced this week at the Statehouse by Republican State Representatives Ron Hood (term limited) and Candice Keller (running for State […]

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