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  • Ohio lawmakers consider expanding sales of alcohol infused ice cream

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — A few years ago, the Ohio legislature passed a bill that allowed alcohol infused ice cream to be made and sold for consumption on the premises where it was created.​ Now, some want to add a second scoop to that by allowing manufacturers to sell it to grocers, restaurants and the public at large via the internet.​ The House Bill, now making its way through the Senate, would let third party food delivery services like Uber […]

  • Ohio legislature to consider changes to voter registration, verification

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW)– Senate Bill 186, a bill of significant size and impact that addresses voter verification and registration is scheduled for a hearing Tuesday, but its bipartisan sponsors are calling for a short delay. The bill was introduced in August by State Sens. Vernon Sykes (Akron-D) and Nathan Manning (North Ridgeville-R). About three weeks later, it was assigned to the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee. It was supposed to get its first hearing in front of the committee […]

  • Ohio lawmakers propose bill aimed at shutting down in-state hackers

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW)  — State Representative Brian Baldridge’s bill overhauls computer crimes for the State of Ohio. It moves a number of currently prohibited activities to a new section and creates additional crimes that can be charged. Many of the penalties of these crimes are currently listed as 3rd degree felonies and are geared for black hats and cracking in general.​ Black hats are individuals who break into systems seeking personal gain; white hats do so to expose weaknesses in order […]

  • State Medical Board appreciates working group’s report, Strauss case review delayed

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – The working group put together by Governor Mike DeWine, for the purpose of exploring how and why the State Medical Board of Ohio failed to discipline Dr. Richard Strauss for sexual misconduct, released a report of its findings and its recommendations to address deficiencies at the end of August.​ Monday, the State Medical Board had the chance to publicly address the working group about the report. The report detailed 8 recommendations the State Medical Board is […]

  • Ohio lawmakers make second attempt to ban all abortions with new legislation

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Some Ohio lawmakers are proposing new legislation that would put a ban on all abortions. Last General Assembly, the bill that would have completely banned abortions had no exceptions for life of the mother, incest, or rape; and it carried a potential murder charge for women who have abortions and the doctors that perform them.​ The bill introduced this week at the Statehouse by Republican State Representatives Ron Hood (term limited) and Candice Keller (running for State […]

  • Ohio lawmakers join other states in efforts to stop the clock on Daylight Saving Time

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — Ohio joins multiple other states in the push to stop the changing of our clocks. State Senators Kristina Roegner and Bob Peterson want to stop changing clocks twice a year, and they aren’t alone. Twinsburg City Council Member Jo-Ann McFearin brought the idea to Roegner after seeing Florida pass similar legislation.​ The Ohio bill requires the state to observe permanent Daylight Saving Time, which is not permitted by Federal law.​ Back in 1966 the federal government […]

  • Ohio lawmakers consider removing statute of limitations for rape cases

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — Ohio is one of 16 states that still has a statute of limitations for cases of rape, according to the sponsors of a bill that would change that.​ The bill, introduced by Democratic State Senators Nickie Antonio and Sean O’Brien, would not only eliminate the statute of limitations it would address a loophole in which one spouse can still violate their partner if they are incapacitated by drugs or alcohol. ​ The Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association […]

  • Ohio lawmaker wants to start discussion over controversial herbal supplement Kratom

    COLUMBUS, Ohio- You may have seen the name Kratom when you are out and about, plastered in store windows, sometimes alongside others prompting potential customers the establishment carries both it and CBD oil. Kratom has been around a while. Here in the U.S., it’s only been a few decades. But in Southeast Asia, where it is grown indigenously in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea, it’s been used for medicinal purposes since the 19th century. It comes from the […]

  • Fight against human trafficking in Ohio could include public registry of people who’ve bought sex

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — The fight against human trafficking in Ohio has been underway for well over a decade. This week, that fight continued at the statehouse. Most of the efforts toward ending human trafficking have been to crack down on the supply side. Now, lawmakers are setting their sights on the other side of the equation — demand. Ohio State Sen. Teresa Fedor’s anti-human trafficking bill brings Ohio in line with federal laws aimed at people who traffic minors. […]

  • Concerns over bipartisan gun bills; Ohio senator points to I-TEAM investigation during push for stricter gun laws

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — An Ohio senator pointing to a FOX 8 I-TEAM investigation as part of his push for stricter gun laws. Back in 2018, the I-TEAM went undercover to buy a firearm at a local gun show.  The private seller barely glanced at the driver’s license and handed over the gun. Here in Ohio, private citizens are not required to conduct background checks. State Senators Cecil Thomas and Peggy Lehner as introduced a bill they say would close loopholes that allow […]

  • Gov. DeWine calls for a top to bottom review of the Ohio foster care system

    COLUMBUS, Ohio– With more than 16,000 children in foster care in Ohio, the number of children entering the system has been increasing since 2016. This bucks a national trend. Gov. Mike DeWine is blaming the opioid epidemic in large part for the increase. Right now, of those kids in the system more than 3,000 of them need to be adopted; no longer able to be reunited with their families. Nearly the same amount of infants were removed from Ohio homes […]

  • Ohio school bus safety bill looks to put the brakes on illegal bus passing

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – Every year, thousands of Ohioans illegally pass a school bus even though its stop sign arm is extended and its lights are flashing red.​ This reckless action can be borne out of impatience, distraction, or just plain ignorance, but regardless of the reason for the illegal passing the potential consequences do not change; the lives of children hang in the balance.​ Every time a driver illegally passes a school bus is yet another opportunity to invite tragedy […]

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