André, who has been with WJW since 1988, serves as meteorologist for FOX 8 News at 5PM, 7PM and tag-teams with chief meteorologist Dick Goddard at 10 PM.

He joined WJW in 1988 when the station broke ground in Cleveland by starting a one-hour, weekday-morning newscast from 6AM to 7AM. He stayed on weekday mornings for over 19 years before moving over to join Cleveland icon, Dick Goddard. André also developed the outdoor weather set idea, a concept that he brought with him from his previous position at KARE-TV-11, the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

André is married to Sally, a familiar name in Cleveland television who is also a degreed meteorologist (they met in college in 1978). Sally fully retired from broadcast meteorology in 2009 to be a stay-at-home Mom to their high school student son, Noah.

He is an instrument rated pilot now studying for his commercial pilot’s license. Sally is also a licensed private pilot and Noah is studying to obtain his.

They all enjoy aviation, hiking, and working in Christian ministries. André is also an ordained minister, ordained in Massillon at Grace Community Church in May of 2006.

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