Adrienne DiPiazza is very excited to make Cleveland her new home! Adrienne joined FOX 8 as a reporter in September 2017. She spent the last two years at FOX 8’s sister station, WGHP-TV, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In North Carolina, Adrienne started out working the morning show where she covered breaking news before the sun came up. She then moved to the night shift and reported on major state news like the Hurricane Matthew aftermath, Charlotte Riots, 2016 presidential campaigns and Western North Carolina wildfires.

Adrienne got her start as a Multimedia Journalist at WABI-TV5 in Bangor, Maine, where she reported on everything from car-moose accidents, the lobster industry and of course, cold, cold winters. There she shot, wrote and edited her own stories. She also became the weekend anchor, producer and assignment editor.

Adrienne developed her love of TV-news while a student at Penn State University. There she majored in Broadcast Journalism and minored in English and Business. She was a reporter, anchor and executive producer of the Emmy-award winning Centre County Report. She got her first taste of the business as an intern at WTAJ-TV in Altoona, PA and at WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C.

Adrienne spent her childhood in Silver Spring, MD where she did ballet, swim team and was active at church and school.

In her spare time she loves to read, cook Italian food, do yoga, hike and travel with her husband, Matt. Have a story idea? See something strange? Let Adrienne know!

Recent Articles
  • Mystery of deadly Memorial Day hit-and-run remains 4 years later

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – “The memories of her walking around here, hearing her voice, you know, she would come and give me a hug, I’d give her a hug,” says Annette Hill about her 14-year-old daughter, Chelsea. But an accident on Memorial Day 2015 took Chelsea’s life and Annette will never get another hug from her daughter. Chelsea was with three friends when she was crossing Carnegie Avenue near East 40th Street in the early morning hours when she was hit […]

  • New details on ‘Trickbot’ computer virus that forced Coventry Local Schools to close

    COVENTRY, Ohio — We’re learning more about widespread technology issues that led to Coventry Local Schools being closed on Monday. The district’s network and computers were infected by the “Trickbot” virus. According to Coventry Local Schools Superintendent Lisa Blough, they noticed there was an issue Friday on a few computers and then later in the day it spread district-wide. It was impacting phones, security, internet, and building access. Blough said this is the worst malware they’ve ever come in contact […]

  • Cuyahoga County medical examiners address forensic pathologist shortage crisis

    CLEVELAND — “We have three hold overs, homicide, suicide, out of county,” said one of Cuyahoga County’s eight forensic pathologists during the medical examiner’s office morning meeting — or ‘viewing’ as the professionals call it. On this particular day there are nine cases to discuss. Some days it’s less, on Mondays it’s usually more. Overdoses and violent crime are often part of the non-stop work for medical examiners as the industry cases a critical shortage of forensic pathologists. “I think […]

  • ‘My dream is that he gets a job,’ mom shares challenge of finding work for adult son with autism

    According to Autism Works, unemployment rates for people on the autism spectrum are as high as 77% It can be hard for independent adults with autism to find work, even when they’re qualified for the job. There are some slow improvements. FOX 8’s Adrienne DiPiazza takes a look in the video above.

  • Cuyahoga County a focus area for government HIV eradication goal

    CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has pledged to eliminate all new cases of HIV within a decade. The department says the plan is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the landscape of public health. Cuyahoga County was identified among 48 counties, Washington, D.C. and San Juan, Puerto Rico as a priority for the fight against HIV and aids because it has a high number of new HIV cases every year. “We think this presents […]

  • Hepatitis C-infected organs safe for transplant, saving lives

    CLEVELAND-– 2018 was a record year for organ donation according to Lifeline of Ohio. One contributing factor, the ability of hospitals to use organs from donors with Hepatitis C. “More and more of our donors are coming from people who might have had an overdose death and a significant proportion of them have Hepatitis C,” explained Dr. Miriam Jacob, a cardiologist and staff physician at the Cleveland Clinic. The new innovation allows doctors to transplant infected organs and then cure […]

  • Lorain Councilman Angel Arroyo pleads not guilty to OVI charges

    LORAIN, Ohio– Lorain City Councilman Angel Arroyo appeared in Lorain Municipal Court Thursday morning on charges related to a recent crash. He pleaded not guilty. Arroyo turned on East 28th Street from Pearl Avenue without stopping at the stop sign and hit another vehicle Monday night, the police report said. Officers at the scene reported the 36-year-old had red, watery eyes. He appeared disoriented and smelled of alcoholic beverages, Lorain police said. He denied consuming alcohol and was not injured […]

  • Vigil held to remember 4-year-old Aniya Day-Garrett

    CLEVELAND-– The work continues to get justice for 4-year-old Aniya Day-Garrett. On March 7, a jury found Aniya’s mother, Sierra Day, 24, and boyfriend, Deonte Lewis, 27, guilty of abusing, neglecting and murdering the little girl who was found dead on March 11, 2018. Day and Lewis were found guilty of aggravated murder and several other charges and are set to be sentenced later this month. On the anniversary of Aniya’s death, community groups gathered to protest the Cuyahoga County […]

  • Do dating and politics mix? Cleveland native says yes, creates DonaldDaters dating app

    CLEVELAND, Ohio — Love, dating and relationships can be so complicated. “When lack of open-mindedness is shown in their political views then that would be a deal breaker,” said Angelica Escuadro, a college student in Cleveland. With the way politics have become increasingly divisive, is divisive partisanship dictating our relationships and love lives? A 2016 study done by the Pew Research Center showed that nearly two-thirds of conservatives and about half of liberals say most of their close friends share […]

  • Surveillance video shows woman attacked in parking lot of Cleveland apartment complex

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cleveland Division of Police is searching for a man who attacked a 62-year-old woman outside her apartment. The incident was caught on surveillance video outside the a senior living apartment community. It happened while the victim was carrying groceries from her car to the Euclid Beach Villa Apartments on East 156th Street on February 16. The woman told police she saw a shadow behind her, then she was hit in the face. The police report said […]

  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport announces ground transportation changes to begin Monday

      CLEVELAND-  Cleveland Hopkins International Airport officials have announced immediate changes to the airport’s ground transportation plan. Airport Director Robert Kennedy told reporters in a news conference Friday that changes in the airport’s plan for major construction and improvement projects lead them to reverse changes implemented in the pick-up and drop-off process on January 1. Starting Monday, February 18, rideshare services (Uber and Lyft) and limo services will again be dropping off and picking up curbside in front of the terminal […]

  • Homeless students in Akron schools expected to exceed 2,000 this year

    Akron, O.H. – When a student walks into  school they should be able to focus on their work, getting good grades and staying focused on class. “We will identify over 2,000 students in the Akron area by the end of the school year who have experienced some kind of homelessness this school year,” says Shannah Carino, the Akron Schools Homeless Liaison. School is much harder when you don’t have a home to lay your head. Carino says most people are […]

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