EXCLUSIVE: Woman Who Drove Around Bus Speaks

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A woman caught on camera driving on the sidewalk to avoid a stopped school bus is speaking out for the first time about her conviction. Monday night, local lawmakers took a step closer to making the penalties for doing that much stronger. Cleveland city councilman Kevin Conwell, who also heads the council’s […]

Driver Holding ‘Idiot’ Sign Breaks Her Silence

CLEVELAND– The woman busted on tape, driving around a school bus, spoke out for the first time today. But, it was not what local parents wanted to hear. 32-year-old Shena Hardin snapped at the media saying, “I don’t owe y’all nothing. I’m not getting sucked up into this. Go away from me.  I’m gonna serve […]

Judge Confident ‘Idiot Sign’ Sentence Worked

CLEVELAND –The Cleveland Municipal Court judge who ordered a driver to hold an ‘idiot’ sign on the streets of Cleveland said the way the first part of the sentence was carried out was “unacceptable.” Shena Hardin, 32, of Cleveland, stood at the corner of East 38th Street and Superior Avenue in Cleveland for an hour […]

Court Orders Driver to Wear ‘Idiot’ Sign

CLEVELAND — In addition to a license suspension and fine, a woman who was caught on video passing a school bus by driving on the sidewalk will have to make an unflattering declaration to the world.  Or at least to Cleveland. Shena Hardin, 32, plead out on Monday in order to avoid facing a trial. […]

Judge Again Orders Suspect to Wear ‘Idiot’ Sign

CLEVELAND, Ohio — “Don’t be an idiot.” That’s the message Cleveland Judge Pinkey Carr is trying to make crystal clear. She made Shena Hardin wear an “idiot” sign when she drove around a school bus full of kids. Now, a man has called 911 and threatened the lives of the people who protect and serve […]

Passing School Bus on Sidewalk a New Trend?

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio — A second Cleveland-area motorist has been cited for driving on a sidewalk to go around a stopped school bus. The first case involved 32-year-old Shena Hardin of Cleveland, who became the object of public scorn and internet notoriety for driving around a school bus picking up a disabled child on the […]

Man Receives ‘Idiot’ Sign Instructions From Judge

CLEVELAND– A Cleveland man received instructions from a judge, Wednesday morning, to wear an “idiot” sign, starting Monday. Richard Dameron was back in Cleveland Municipal Court, in Judge Pinkey Carr’s courtroom and given the sign by Carr’s bailiff, David Morrow. Dameron has to wear the sign as part of his sentence. He threatened to kill […]

Man to Hold ‘Idiot’ Sign for Threatening Officer

CLEVELAND – Starting Monday, it will be 58-year-old Richard Dameron‘s turn to tell the world he was being an idiot. Dameron, who called 911 in February threatening to kill a retired officer, was sentenced by Cleveland Municipal Judge Pinkey Carr to 90 days in jail and to holding a sign that reads: “I apologize to […]

Man Fails to Show for ‘Idiot’ Sign Sentence

CLEVELAND – The man whom a judge ordered to hold an ‘idiot’ sign after he threatened to kill a retired police officer did not show up for his sentence on Monday. Bailiff David Morrow arrived to at the Second District Police Department at 7 a.m. where Richard Dameron was supposed to be holding the sign, but […]