‘My way of fighting back’: Mom tired of porch pirates decides to put out decoy packages filled with trash

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. (WJW) — A clever thinking mom decided to fight back against porch pirates with a simple idea.

According to KKTV, Christine Hyatt now stuffs trash inside boxes and puts them out on her front porch as decoys for thieves.

“We forgot to set our trash out for Thanksgiving, so we were overflowing with trash,” Hyatt said an interview. “I’ve had packages stolen and I went, ‘You know what? I have extra boxes — let’s see if someone will take our trash!'”

She said she’s had packages stolen from their home on at least 20 occasions.

In one instance, someone took her daughter’s medication.

“She can’t afford to have her own medication stolen just because people are jerks,” Hyatt said.

So now, when a thief stops by, they’ll be greeted with a package full of garbage.

“This is my way of fighting back,” she said.

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