Texas woman shocked to find $37 million accidentally deposited into her bank account

DALLAS, Tex. (WJW) — Imagine waking up to find out you are suddenly a millionaire.

It may sound like something out of a movie, but that actually happened to a woman in Texas. Unfortunately,  the money wasn’t actually hers.

According to KTVT, Ruth Balloon went to check her bank account balance recently and discovered there was more than $37 million sitting in there.

She told her husband about it, who then called the bank to report the mistake.

The staff there apologized for the clerical error and quickly took the money back.

But not before Balloon could snap a photo of her temporary balance.

She joked that she wanted people to see that she was once a millionaire.

She also told the TV outlet that if she got to keep the cash, she would’ve donated some of it to charity, her church and invested in real estate.

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