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Suspected thief arrested wearing t-shirt that says ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Illegal ‘Til You Get Caught!’

OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok. (WJW) — Deputies in Oklahoma recently arrested a man wearing an awfully ironic t-shirt.

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, David Rasmussen is one of two suspects accused of trying to steal an ATV from someone’s home. He’s also alleged to have pointed a rifle at deputies before surrendering.

When placed in cuffs, deputies couldn’t help but find humor in his t-shirt, which read “Ain’t Nothin’ Illegal ‘Til You Get Caught!”

Deputies joked in their Facebook post that if you’re going to get caught in the act, you may want to find a different t-shirt to wear.

Rasmussen and his accomplice are facing 21 counts for crimes around Oklahoma County.

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