Frustrated homeowner sets up mouse trap to deter dogs from doing their business in her yard

HWATUKEE, Az. (WJW) — A woman from Arizona is making sure dog owners learn to pick up after their pets.

“”It needs to stop. We are tired of it,” Peggy Hogan told ABC 15.

She said she first tried to put signs in her yard with a reminder, but that didn’t seem to work so she decided to try a new approach and set up a mouse trap.

“If a dog steps on that and breaks their foot, try and sue me. I’ve got two brothers that are lawyers,” Hogan said in an interview.

While some might think it’s controversial, a neighbor down the street seems to support the plan.

“You need to pick up after your dogs. It’s not your property; you wouldn’t like it if a neighbor came and did that to you,” said Kevin Naegele.

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