Texas high school football player prays with teen from opposing team

SHERMAN, Texas — All eyes are always on the field during Friday night high school football games — but it was a moment that happened after a game in Texas that has captured everyone’s attention.

According to KXII, Sherman High School senior Gage Smith took a moment to pray with a teen from the opposing teen.

Smith told KXII he knows the football player, Ty Jordan, from a select 7-on-7 team they both played on.  Smith said Jordan’s mother is battling cancer and Smith asked Jordan if he could pray with him after the game ended. “I just had a moment with him, praying over him, his mom, and his family,” Smith said.

Sherman High School Football Coach J.D. Martinez described Smith as a “true leader” with compassion. Martinez said his wife took the photos of the touching moment, and passed them on to Jordan’s family.

The pictures quickly went viral after being posted on Facebook.

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