Shaker Heights police say suspected thief wore traffic vest as disguise; warn residents to be careful

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio — Shaker Heights police are warning residents to be careful after they arrested a man involved in a series of thefts throughout the city.

According to the department, Bobby Weatherspoon and other suspects admitted to wearing reflective traffic vests during their crime spree with hopes of blending in and being mistaken for someone like a utility worker or landscaper.

Weatherspoon has since been charged with breaking and entering and is expected to face additional charges.

Police said they were able to identity the suspects with help from residents who shared surveillance video and photographs.

“We ask that residents remain vigilant in efforts to recognize suspicious behavior, as well as work with our department to investigate issues of common concern,” the department wrote in a post on Facebook.

Besides locking doors, residents are also encouraged to keep their garage doors closed and secure any personal property.

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