Florida sheriff’s office faces criticism for adding ‘In God We Trust’ decals to vehicles

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office recently updated their vehicles to include decals that say ‘In God We Trust’, but the change isn’t sitting well with some.

According to FOX 35, The Freedom From Religion Foundation wants them to be removed immediately. The leader of the group argues that it’s “inappropriate and exclusionary for official county vehicles to be adorned with a religious endorsement.”

However, the sheriff’s office is happy with the new designs and posted about them on social media.

They noted that they also added an American flag to the vehicles.

“To us there is no greater honor than to live in the greatest country in the world and serve as a law enforcement officer in Brevard County where our citizens love us, trust us and protect us just as much as we love, trust and protect them,” said the sheriff.

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