Children across the country launch petitions for day off after Halloween

Hundreds of thousands of students in America are petitioning to have the day off from school November 1.

About a million signatures have gone to thousands of petitions on

Here are some of the submissions:

“School on Friday would be pointless because no one would be able to focus because they are so tired.”

“Halloween should be a time for kids to enjoy themselves and live their lives. They shouldn’t have to worry about how long they are out trick-or-treating because of school the next day. The only time limits they should have should be set by their parents/guardians.”

“The last thing I would want on Halloween night is to have my to tell my kid that they have to stop enjoying a holiday just to go to school.”

“People will stay up late and be tired the next day, which won’t improve our learning.”

Of course, schools set their calendars in advance, so the petitions aren’t likely to cancel classes.

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