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The Wilds in Ohio announces the birth of female white rhino calf named Scout

(Photo Credit: Columbus Zoo)

CUMBERLAND, Ohio — A female southern white rhinoceros calf was born in a pasture at The Wilds last week.

According to the a press release from the Columbus Zoo, the calf was the 21st white rhino to be born there since 2004. She’s been named Scout as recognition for the generosity of Iron Pony Motorsports and their four years of dollars raised from the annual Ride for Rhinos motorcycle ride.

Scout is a brand of motorcycle.

The release states that Scout and her 5-year-old mother, Agnes, are doing well. The baby’s father is Kengele, 21.

“We are thrilled to announce the arrival of this white rhinoceros calf and to continue to be part of the species’ conservation story,” said Dr. Jan Ramer, vice president of The Wilds, in the release. “We are very proud of our contributions to working to protect the future of rhinos, and this birth is a true testament to the success of our program.”

White rhino caves are born after a gestation period of 16 months. They can grow to be 4,000 pounds and six feet tall at their shoulder.

Guests can see the calf and her mother in the rhino barn beginning Nov. 1.

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