Police: Masked Ohio man threatened to shoot up schools as diversion for bank robbery

NORTH HUNTINGDON, Pennsylvania – Police in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania are investigating after they say an Ohio man walked into a restaurant and handed a worker a note saying there was an active shooter threat and multiple bombs at two high schools.

Employees alerted police, who notified the schools.

Police say it was an elaborate ruse to get law enforcement away from two banks the suspect planned on robbing.

Police were able to get his photograph, vehicle description and license plate number while responding to the restaurant.

It turned out the license plate was stolen, but an officer spotted the plate on a vehicle matching the description of the one restaurant workers saw.

The officer performed a traffic stop and arrested Luke Joseph Dell of Beavercreek, Ohio.

Police say he was wearing an elaborate mask at the restaurant and was still wearing it when he was pulled over.

Police say he admitted to making the threat so he could get to the bank.

Police checked out the high schools to make sure they were safe.

Dell faces charges of terroristic threats, causing or risking catastrophe, reckless threat to use weapon of mass destruction and theft.

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