Vegan turns to Reddit for advice after calling police on friends for tricking her into eating chicken nuggets

Courtesy of Getty Images

A woman’s post on Reddit is going viral after she shared a story about how she called the police on her friends.

She said they tricked her into eating chicken nuggets knowing she is a vegan while she was under the influence.

According to FOX News, the prank was recorded on camera and then shared to social media.

Once she discovered the video, she reported them to police. Three of her “ex” friends are now facing charges.

More than 6,000 Reddit users reacted to the post with some coming to her defense.

“I’m vegan, too, and I’d be livid if my friends did that to me. You need to find new friends,” one person wrote.

While others thought it was a bit extreme to get police involved.

“I probably wouldn’t have gone to the cops. But I wouldn’t have those people in my life any more,” another said.

No updates have been given on the case.


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