Memorable moment: Family wears dinosaur costumes to welcome home soldier from deployment

TAMPA, Fla. — An adorable photo featuring a family dressed up in T-Rex costumes at the airport is bringing smiles to many across the internet.

According to FOX 13, Taylor Morris said she wanted to make her husband DeAndre’s return back to the United States memorable. The staff sergeant had been deployed in southwest Asia for nearly seven months with the U.S. Air Force.

“We made cute signs last time so I wanted to do something funny this time around,” Taylor told the TV outlet.

The family brought a photographer along to help capture the moment DeAndre got off the plane to greet them.

“During my pregnancy with our son, we didn’t find out the gender so we called him Little Foot, that is where the dinosaurs came from,” she told the TV station. “I knew my husband would know it was us as soon as he saw the costumes.”

It’s safe to say from the photos that DeAndre loved the surprise.

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