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Lights, camera, action! Akron to be featured in new scary movie called ‘Copley Road’

AKRON, Ohio — It looks like another movie is planning to shoot here in Ohio, only this time it’s going to be much scarier.

According to the official Facebook page for Copley Road, the movie is considered a present day horror anthology.

It’ll take place in a fictional version of Akron and feature five short stories that all intertwine.

“Our main protagonist is Paul Grant, (18), a young high school graduate who makes a huge mistake. A night of partying with his soon-to-be famous athlete cousin, Jay Landon, (18), leads to the accidental death of a mysterious old man. Now their futures are at stake as they come to terms with the gravity of their actions. Contemplating their next move, they soon discover a presence following them that they cannot explain. This presence is relentless. It’s suffocating. It’s pure evil…”

The movie is expected to start filming next year. There will also be a chance for local talent to audition for some of the roles.

Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more details.

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