Ohio lawmakers want to make it easier for DV and rape victims to break their rental agreements

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Two Ohio lawmakers are working on legislation that would make it easier for victims of domestic violence or rape to break their rental agreements.

“After an arrest or protection order is issued, victims should not face hurdles that make it difficult for them to put distance between themselves and their abusers,” said Rep. Lepore-Hagan, who is co-sponsoring HB 351 with Rep. Lisa Sobecki. 

According to a press release, victims would be able to break their lease by presenting a certified copy of a court order to their landlord within 30 days of getting it.

In turn, landlords can keep a portion of the security deposit for damages that may have been done to the property.

“Victims of domestic violence must be able to leave dangerous situations as quickly as possible,” added Rep. Lepore-Hagan. “This law will save lives by giving survivors the freedom to move the moment the need arises.”

The proposal is in the very early stages and still needs to be reviewed by a House committee.

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