Parma principal wears onesie, sings karaoke in overnight stay on school’s rooftop

PARMA, Ohio – Armed with Cheez-its, Reese’s Pieces, donuts, coffee, soda, popcorn and other donated treats, Principal Steve Perry climbed up on the roof of Ridge-Brook Elementary School Thursday night.

He had a sleepover for one — only there was no sleeping.

Dressed in a dragon onesie, Principal Perry went up on the roof at 8 p.m. Thursday and didn’t come down until 7:30 a.m. Friday.

He wasn’t lonely, though.

Principal Perry had plenty of visitors – students, teachers and even students’ grandparents.

School wasn’t in session Friday for NEOEA Day, so everyone was able to stay up late.

Visitors brought him some supplies to make the night as comfortable as possible and help fuel him with caffeine and sugar.

He documented all of it in a live stream and so did PTA members.

Principal Perry closed out the morning with a little rooftop karaoke party and even some high kicks.

Perry gave up a night of sleep to help raise funds for the Ridge Brook Elementary PTA.

The PTA tells FOX 8 the fundraiser will help pay for various activities throughout the year for Ridge Brooke families and staff.

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