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Photos: Live like The Addams Family in real-life replica of mansion you can book overnight

NEW YORK — Fan of “The Addams Family?” Now you can book a room in a real life replica of the iconic family’s home.

According to a release from, the 3,700-square-foot New York mansion, which is actually a museum, is a 19th century era townhouse with three bedrooms.

According to the release, “Guests will be able to tinker with machines in Pugsley’s Room, play with Wednesday’s beheaded doll in the living room, and even care for some of Morticia’s carnivorous plants. Decorated in true Addams Family fashion, there are vases of just rose stems, and yes, Lurch’s famous “you rang” bell.”

The home comes with snacks, a screening of “The Addams Family” and more.

It’s located in Clinton Hill Brooklyn and is available for $101.10 per night in honor of the new animated “The Addams Family” film release on Oct. 11, 2019. It’s available from Oct. 29 through Nov. 1. Bookings begin on Oct. 28.

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