Nearly 1,000 fabulous felines headed to CLE for CFA International Cat Show

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Nearly 1,000 cats will return to the I-X Center this weekend for the Cat Fanciers' Association's International Cat Show.

"This event is for everyone who enjoys cats. Forty-five breeds, famous cats you have only seen online or on TV, and hundreds of the world's most prestigious show cats; together under one roof. It's going to be absolute purr-adise,"Desiree Bobby, marketing director, said in a press release.

One highlight will be the Savitsky Cats, who were made famous on "America's Got Talent." Other cat celebrities will include Sunglass Cat, Sauerkraut Kitty, Der the Cat and Farrah Pawcett.

There will be several competitions, including the Household Pet Competition, where cats from rescues and shelters take each other on. There's also a 'Best in Show' competition, along with shopping, contests, workshops and crafts.

The show runs Oct. 12 and 13.

For more details, click here. 


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