I-TEAM investigates what kind of calls came in while Cleveland officers may have been drinking at bar

CLEVELAND -- The I-TEAM is investigating what kinds of calls for help came in to Cleveland Police at the same time four officers may have been drinking at a bar.

Wednesday, we revealed an internal investigation looking into whether the officers spent time in uniform on duty drinking at a bar just outside the city limits.

Just hours after we started asking questions, the chief’s office announced the patrolmen had all been placed on restricted duty. That means they’ve been taken off of patrol, and they can’t have any dealing with the public during the investigation.

And now, the I-TEAM has dug up the calls for help that came in for one hour during the time multiple sources said the officers were at the bar. We found calls for a large rowdy crowd, a fight, domestic violence, assaults, threats, a prowler, a fire and other trouble.

We went to the home where the large crowd and fight had been reported. A woman there told us, everything ended before police got there.

“We stopped it. By the time they got here, it was over with. It’s sad. It’s not good, not good at all," said Patrice Causey.

The officers work in the Cleveland Police fourth district, one of the busiest and most violent sections of the city.

The I-TEAM stopped by there, the officers under investigation were not on shift at that time.

But we did meet Kevin Adaska, a taxpayer there with others waiting to talk to police about various matters. He wants to know if the officers were in fact drinking on the job. And, how can that happen with constant calls for help coming in to 911?

"I do frequent that bar and I do see 'em (police) in there for lunch and stuff," said Adaska. “Calls take a while to be answered. If that’s the reason why, it’s not right.”

As for the investigation, the bar owner tells us he has turned over video to police.

The officers will get a chance to explain themselves, but we’ve learned they have not yet been called in to give statements.

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