45 dogs rescued from severe hoarding situation in Southern Ohio

AKRON- A pet rescue in Akron is heading to Southern Ohio to rescue 45 dogs from a severe hoarding situation and they need your help to complete the trip.

One of a Kind Pet Rescue said on their Facebook page the dogs were strays and taken in by a Good Samaritan who got overwhelmed without the extra help and finances to care for the dogs.

The rescue said some of the dogs have come down with sarcoptic mange and infected all of the dogs. Although sarcoptic mange is treatable, it requires pricey treatment.

They are asking for medium and large size crates, as well as towels for bedding to help make this transport possible.

15 of the dogs have already been transferred to Akron and are receiving treatment.

The dogs are not up for adoption just yet. One of a Kind Pet Rescue promises to keep us posted when they are healthy enough to meet their new family.



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