Actress Jamie Pressly admits she has a favorite kid, ‘ That’s right I said it.’

It is something most mothers wouldn’t admit when it comes to their children, but actress Jamie Pressly isn’t afraid to say it.

The ‘Mom’ actress recently posted a picture on her Instagram account with her son Dezi James, who is 12.

The mother of three posted over the weekend, ““Best time ever hangin with my favorite son, Dezi. That’s right I said it,” she wrote, going on to explain that although she has “a favorite son,” she loves “all 3 of my boys with everything I have in me.  Dez and I have a special bond that no one else will ever match because we’ve grown up together,” she continued, adding the sweet hashtags “#firstborn” and “#iloveyou.”

Pressly also has two-year-old twins, Leo and Lenon.


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