Video: Man struck by lightning while walking dogs had shoes, socks blown off his feet

**Warning: The video in this story may be considered graphic.

HOUSTON, Texas — A man was struck by lightning during a pop-up thunderstorm in Texas Sunday, and it was all caught on video.

KTRK reports that Alex Coreas, 27, a mechanic, was walking his dog at the time.

Video shows the bolt of lightning hit the concrete behind Coreas. He immediately collapsed. The video also shows Good Samaritans stop perform CPR.

The strike left his clothes charred and blew the socks and shoes off his feet.

Coreas’ doctors said the lightning traveled up his leg into his hip area. He was hospitalized for four days.

“The first thing I remember was kind of waking up in the helicopter,” he said. “They told me I’d been hit by lightning. I have no memory of being hit.”

Coreas is expected to recover.  The dogs, Sophie, Hazel and Honey, were not hurt.

“I’m lucky to be alive, and I just want to go on living my life,” Coreas said. “And I have a story to tell.”

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