Nearly-nude man shows up at another Kent State sorority house; Police say he’s not acting alone

KENT, Ohio-- A man in a Speedo appeared at another Kent State sorority house Wednesday night.

In the latest incident, he walked onto the porch and waved at the doorbell camera. Kent police said the man was talking on the phone or using FaceTime, indicating he's not acting alone.

A woman's voice can be heard, saying, "Are you scared?" according to the police department.

The investigation started on Aug. 22 when he showed up completely nude to a different sorority house in the same area. A few days later, he returned wearing a Speedo.

Police said the individual also sent photos of himself with disparaging messages written on his chest to sorority members via Instagram.

Officers emphasized the man has not tried to touch or harm anyone during these incidents, but said they are worried about his intentions. They have a meeting scheduled with the university's sororities about their safety concerns.

Kent police ask anyone with information on the man's identity to call 330-673-7732.

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