Akron high school principal accused of hitting student

AKRON, Ohio– The principal at East Community Learning Center in Akron is accused of striking a student in the face.

It happened at the high school, located on Brittain Road, on Sept. 20.

The sophomore told officers he called the principal a “lazy a** b****” and that’s when he was hit in the face. Officers had to separate the pair before the boy left the school.

According to the police report, the principal admitted to striking the 15-year-old with an open hand.

“I was not in the mood to be called a b**** today,” he told officers at the scene.

The student, who has a history of disciplinary issues, declined to press charges, the report said.

On Wednesday, Akron Public School released a statement, saying it continues to investigate the reports that surfaced two weeks ago while the principal remains on administrative leave.

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