Police nickname woman ‘squirrel whisperer’ after she helps a squirrel with her injured baby

Courtesy of Pulaski Police Department's Facebook page

PULASKI, Va. — The Pulaski Police Department took to Facebook this week to share a story about a peculiar call they received.

According to the post, Tia Powell told them that she was walking on a trail when she was approached by a squirrel.

She said she tried to keep going, but it stopped right in front of her.

She quickly realized it meant no harm and was actually trying to get her attention.

Powell decided at that point to follow the squirrel, who led her over to a baby squirrel with an injured leg.

She felt helpless in that moment and was going to walk away, but the squirrel grabbed her pant leg.

That’s when she saw a cat attempting to attack the squirrels.

Powell stayed with the animals until her friend, Jasmine Brown, and police officers arrived.

Together, they were able to get the momma squirrel and her baby back up into the tree where they were safe.

“A huge shout out to Tia (aka: The Squirrel Whisperer) and Jasmine! Had Tia not been willing to trust her instincts that something was wrong, this might have had a very different ending! Thanks ladies!” the department wrote.

Click here to see video of the squirrels. 

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