High school football player with cerebral palsy helps team score touchdown

SEDALIA, Mo. — High school football player PJ Allred is making headlines for his incredible 80 yard touchdown.

According to USA Today, the senior, who has cerebral palsy, was brought out on the field for the final play in the game.

That’s when he wowed the crowd and scored the team’s only touchdown.

His fellow teammates along with his opponents quickly rushed over to congratulate him.

“We did not have a plan for him to get into the game, it just came up in the moment,” said head coach, Charles McFail.

He said Allred practices just like the other players and takes football very seriously.

“He wants to be a great athlete like everyone else, his body will not let him have the physical success that he desires,” McFail said. “His heart and attitude, though, have set the gold level standard for all that he is involved with.”

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