Surveillance video shows cement truck careening down hill and into line of stopped cars in Valley View

VALLEY VIEW, Ohio -- Six vehicles were damaged, some of them crushed, when a loaded cement truck came barreling down the hill on Granger and across Canal straight into a line of stopped cars in Valley View Thursday morning.

One witness we talked to had just arrived for work and was still in her car.

"I saw all this dust fly up. And I looked over and I told my husband, 'wow, that truck's going awfully fast.'"

A surveillance camera in Christina Apicella's office captured the crash. You see the line of traffic stopped at the light when, suddenly, the cement truck appears in a cloud of dust, careening into cars and flipping onto its side.

The car right in front of the cement mixer veered to the right into a parking lot as the truck plowed into six vehicles including a semi.

Police originally said no one was critically injured, but later said there were two severe injuries of the four people taken to the hospital.

Witnesses who ran to help pull drivers out said every one of them was walking and talking.

The white utility truck seemed to take the brunt of the crash; the windshield was impaled by a ladder from the cement truck which pierced right through the driver's seat.

"He's real lucky. He saw it coming. I talked to him after helping him out and he saw it coming so he was able, he said, to get down and start working his way toward the passenger door. He took most of the impact and probably saved the lives of the two cars behind him," said Wayne Smeal, witness.

Police said Granger Road was closed for nearly 6 ½ hours.

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