Chore wars: Survey finds couples break up over household duties

Woman cleans the floor at home while her lazy man sits on the couch and uses a laptop

It is the line in the sand for some couples:  dividing up the household chores.  According to a survey by Durgol, a third of Americans have ended their relationship over chores and cleaning tasks.

2,000 people who live with a partner, roommate or family member were surveyed.  Of those asked,  seven in 10 would refuse to date or marry someone who was messy.

According to the NYPost,   the survey also revealed that nearly half of those asked admitted to getting upset when their partner or roomate doesn’t contribute to cleaning up the living area.

The Durgol questionnaire, which was conducted by OnePoll,  examined the division of chores between respondents and those they live with.

One of the top complaints is messiness.  A majority of those surveyed said they reclean two items a week that someone else already handled.

Some said the have had arguments of the cleaning situation and responsibilities,  with an average three fights a week over chores..

The top triggers for the disagreements:

Leaving dishes in the sink

Leaving the toilet seat up

Leaving caps off items in the fridge

Overall, 42% of those asked share chore responsibilities at home.

**More on the study here.**

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