Dig This: Now is the time to plant your Spring flower bulbs

CLEVELAND, Oh -- Now is the time to plant your Spring flower bulbs! AJ Petitti showed Fox 8's Scott Sabol the best way to plant for success. The Petitti Team compiled these tips to help you with your Spring Bulb Planting:

Fall is the proper time to plant bulbs that generate those gorgeous, cheerful blooms you see in early spring – including Crocus, Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils, and more! The key to creating a beautiful statement with bulbs is to plant multiple bulbs of the same type in a large clump OR plant multiple varieties in layers at different depths. Here are a few more tips for planting:

  • Bulbs come in several sizes, so a good trick for determining proper depth is to plant 3x as deep as the size/height of the bulb.
  • Bulbs can be confusing visually, so another trick for ensuring proper placement is to position bulbs in the hole 3-4” apart with the pointy end up and the fuzzy end down.
  • Mix Espoma® Soil Perfector in as you backfill with dirt in order to keep the soil loose; Soil Perfector also repels rodents that would otherwise snack on the bulbs.
  • Add Espoma® Bulb-tone as a starter fertilizer at the time of planting; re-apply Bulb-tone next spring when the plants finish blooming to replenish nutrients.
  • Hyacinths and Daffodils are wonderfully deer resistant, whereas Tulips are enjoyed by the deer (so be diligent about spraying Tulips in the spring or protect them otherwise).
  • Garlic is incredibly easy to grow, productive, and should be planted now.
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