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Kentucky teacher carries student who uses wheelchair through wildlife conservation area so she can attend field trip

JEFFERSONTOWN, Kentucky – Students at Tully Elementary in Jeffersontown, Kentucky had a field trip planned for Falls of the Ohio State Park.

It is located on the banks of the Ohio River at Clarksville, Indiana.

Visiting a National Wildlife Conservation Area is easy if you have full use of your legs, but not everyone does.

That’s where one teacher stepped in for Ryan Neighbors.

Ryan is 10. She has spina bifida.

Her mom says she was getting ready for an “alternative field trip day” when teacher Jim Freeman contacted her.

He said he’d be happy to carry her daughter around the falls all day.

Her mom said Ryan was really excited to take a trip independent from her mother.

In a Facebook post, Ryan’s mother said they were blessed to have a school that makes sure Ryan is included.

Freeman used a special backpack to carry her.

“As soon as we got her strapped in, she’s like, this is the part I’ve been waiting for,” Freeman said in an interview with WMUR.

“It melted my heart,” King said. “He’s not even Ryan’s teacher and he was so pure hearted that he wanted to make sure that she was included and not left out and she got to feel like one of her peers.”

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