Documentary director claims convicted Wisconsin inmate confessed to ‘Making a Murderer’ homicide

WISCONSIN — An inmate in Wisconsin reportedly confessed to murdering Teresa Halbach, the woman whose case was the focus of the Netflix “Making a Murderer” documentary.

Newsweek reports that the inmate confessed to the  filmmakers of the upcoming documentary series “Convicting a Murderer.”

 “Making a Murderer” recounted the story of Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, who were convicted in the 2005 slaying of Wisconsin photographer Teresa Halbach. Avery and Dassey are serving life sentences in that killing. Halbach’s remains were found in the Avery family’s Manitowoc County salvage yard. Avery insists police framed him. Dassey has argued detectives coerced him into confessing that he helped Avery rape and kill Halbach.

Shawn Rech, the director of “Convicting a Murderer,” said the confession is on audio. He is not revealing the name of the inmate but has turned over the information to law enforcement.

He told Newsweek: “We haven’t confirmed the legitimacy of the confession, but seeing as it was given by a notable convicted murderer from Wisconsin, we feel responsible to deliver any and all possible evidence to law enforcement and legal teams. Having been in production for 20 months, we’ve uncovered an unfathomable amount of information and evidence that is leading us to the truth. Our investigation does not end here.”

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