Juvenile Bald Eagle rescued in Minerva doing well, expected to be released soon

MEDINA, Ohio — The juvenile Bald Eagle rescued by the Medina Raptor Center last week is doing well in rehabilitation, according to center officials.

The bird was rescued from a yard in Minvera on Wednesday, September 11, after she was struggling to fly.  The center reported at that time she was struggling to digest a substance in her crop.  They also said she was in an awkward phase of transitioning from her juvenile plumage to adult plumage.

This week the Medina Raptor Center provided an update on the eagle.

She reportedly saw a vet last week and testing positive for lead poisoning and other ailments.

However, her bloodwork looks clean and she is now eating on her own and flying.

“She is so feisty that we decided to move her outside to a flight cage to stretch her wings. She is flying well and will be banded soon in anticipation of her release,” the center wrote on Facebook.

The center thanks everyone who cares about and supported this “beautiful, spirited bird.”

Click here for more information on the Medina Raptor Center or to make a donation.

More on the Medina Raptor Center, here.

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