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Food truck driver makes meals for drivers stranded on Texas interstate

WINNIE, Texas — A food truck driver made meals on a Texas interstate for stranded drivers.

According to KTRK, at least 200 vehicles were trapped on I-10  after Tropical Storm Imelda hit.  Reggie McCoy, who was driving an 18-wheeler with a food delivery, was one of them.

McCoy was reportedly stranded on the interstate for more than 36 hours.

As his truck was full of food and he couldn’t move, McCoy asked his boss if he could share the goods.  His boss agreed.

“He was like, ‘Hey, whatever anybody needs. Let’s get it off the truck.’ We’ve got water. We’ve got milk, toilet paper,” McCoy told the news outlet.

Then McCoy met Kenny, another stranded driver, who happened to be a cook. They managed to get a grill and together prepared chicken on the side of the highway.

They were able to feed 30 to 40 people.

Meanwhile, county officials say the interstate could be closed for several more days.  Deputies are working to rescue stranded drivers and, as of Friday afternoon, they had already rescued 400 people.  Officials warn residents that they will likely have to abandon their cars to get to shelter.

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