NY judge barred from office after Facebook post showing noose with make America great again’ caption

NEW YORK — A New York judge has resigned and was barred from judicial office after posting the image of a noose on Facebook, along with the caption: “Make America Great Again.”

NBC News reports Kyle Canning, 29, made the post in February 2018, about six weeks after becoming judge in Altona. The words on the photo of the noose said: “If we want to make America great again we will have to make evil people fear punishment again.”

The State of New York Commission on Judicial Conduct launched an investigation after the post was made. Canning was served a formal written complaint in May charging him with “conveying racial and political bias.”

He resigned in June.

The commission released the results of its investigation Tuesday.

In a press release regarding the results, Commission Administrator Robert H. Tembeckjian made the following statement:

“The noose is an incendiary image with repugnant racial connotations. It is the very antithesis of law and justice. For a judge to use the image of the noose in making a political point undermines the integrity of the judiciary and public confidence in the courts.”

Canning told the New York Times that he’s a registered Democrat and is not a Donald Trump supporter. He said the post was meant to support the death penalty, and he didn’t consider racial connotations.

“The post was not racist. I’m not a racist guy,” he told the New York Times. “I see it as pro-death penalty, pro-capital punishment. It doesn’t need to be a noose; it could have been a gas chamber. It could have been an electric chair.”

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