Hazards remain in Cleveland Heights after microburst

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - FirstEnergy continues to restore power across Cleveland Heights after a Friday night microburst left a path of destruction.

"All of a sudden it went from like 0-60 in a couple of minutes, happened to look outside, saw across the street went dark and then I saw this white wall of water coming," said Paul Rockwell.

City officials say Coleridge was the hardest hit street in their community. The National Weather Service confirmed with Cleveland Heights city leaders a microburst comparable to an EF-1 tornado occurred in the city.

"We heard this loud crash, just this boom, just really loud and you saw a plane of water just coming down," said Patti Substelny, who lives near Coleridge.

Many vehicles parked along the street were totaled when large trees fell, crushing at least four cars and SUVs.

Several of the car owners say they parked on the tree-lined residential street to attend a nearby movie night party.

"This tree right here was wrapped around the car -- looked like a giant snake had attacked my car," said Doug Reichard.

A FirstEnergy spokesperson estimated the power would be restored Tuesday afternoon. Earlier in the week, more than 3,000 properties remained in the dark after the storm.

Cleveland Heights officials say cleanup efforts will continue with city crews working to pick up debris. They warn that unstable trees and hanging branches could continue to be a threat to safety.

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