Forget peppermint: New candy cane flavors raise eyebrows

It is not even Halloween yet, but there are new candy cane flavors making heads and stomachs turn.

Archie McPhee, a company who is known for its unique candy cane concoctions, is pushing the boundaries again for the holiday season.

The company has unveiled its newest creations:  kale candy canes and pizza candy canes.

Archie McPhee is known for its bizarre flavors such as mac and cheese,  hamdy, and clamdy candy canes.

The unusual treats are  $6 per pack of six online.

According to the website, the kale candy canes taste “like the kale everyone loves” and the pizza candy canes are not baked in a wood-fired oven and they taste “like a slice of Italian-spiced heaven.”

**More on the bizarre candy canes flavors here**

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