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Fake 911 call terrifies Medina County residents

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MEDINA COUNTY, OH -- The Medina County Sheriff`s Office is looking for the person who made a bogus 911 call that disrupted a quiet lake community in the middle of the night.

The caller told dispatch that he just shot his mother and that his brother was in the closet and he planned to shoot him too.

"We always err on the side of caution. Naturally, we`re going to deploy the resources," said Chief Deputy Kenneth Baca.

The caller identified an address on Playland Parkway in the Gloria Glens Park neighborhood near Chippewa Lake. Self-identified as Matt Davis -- he warned that he had an AR-15 and would shoot any law enforcement seen on the scene.

Neighbor Ken Luce lives across the street. "It`s just a fun place to live and this was definitely a shock."

Multiple law enforcement agencies arrived on the scene. "There was a guy in camo with an assault rifle and there was another one over here another one walking around over there. They were just all over the place," Luce described.

Luce says he was told a SWAT team was on scene and to stay in his home. "There were helicopters flying around and cop cars flashing and just uh it was bizarre, very bizarre."

But it turned out all of those resources and tactics weren't needed once officers were able to contact the family inside the home who had been sleeping the whole time.

"It turned out to be a swatting call which is something that`s been going on throughout the country for the last couple of years," explained Baca.

'Swatting' is defined as a criminal harassment tactic to deceive an emergency service into going to another person's address. "This is the first call that has risen to the level that it has that we actually sent a SWAT team out."

Detectives believe the incident may be related to video gaming. "A lot of people take those entertainment purposes into real-life situations," said Baca. "It not only places the community arrest but it`s a drain on valuable resources too."

Baca says the call indicated it came from Arkansas. "We`re exhausting all the avenues and resources that we have available to us to identify him."

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