Bald Eagle rescued from Minerva yard after she struggled to fly

MINERVA, Ohio — A juvenile Bald Eagle was brought to the Medina Raptor Center Wednesday after she was struggling to fly.

According to the center, the bird had gotten herself into some unknown trouble.  A volunteer drove out to Minerva, picked him up from a community member’s yard and brought him to the center.

The center says they are not sure what happened to her, but she is struggling to digest whatever substance is in her crop.

She was expected to go to the vet this weekend for full care and testing.  The vet was expected to test her blood for lead to see if he’ll have a chance to return to the wild.

Officials say this special bird is in an “awkward phase of transitioning from [her] juvenile plumage to [her] adult plumage.”

The Medina Raptor Center says they’ll provide updates on her progress when they become available.

Click here for more on the Medina Raptor Center.

Editor’s Note: The center original identified the bird as a male. Their most recent update, on Sept. 17, identified the bird as a female. This story has been updated to reflect that.

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