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United Airlines explains why passengers cannot relocate to empty airplane seats

United Airlines’ unique social media response to a passenger who  requested to move to an empty seat after the airplane doors had closed has gone viral.

According to Simple Flying, a customer by the name of Krunal Patel contacted the airline via Twitter saying,

“Hey @united I’m on UA679 in row 22 and there are 7 rows in front of me completely empty. Yet when I asked if I can move forward to a completely empty row, I get told I have to pay. What kind of BS is that? The rows are EMPTY yet I’m in a row of 3 occupied.”

United responded to Patel saying the decision was fair and explained why passengers are not permitted to move to Economy Plus seats.

However, Patel was reportedly unhappy with the airline’s initial response and responded again saying,

“I understand that, but they’re completely empty after doors have closed. What’s the point of empty seats if they can be filled and your customers can have a better experience?”

United replied to him again.

Patel’s tweets have since been deleted.

The discussion has received significant attention on social media, prompting other users to ask questions regarding seat relocation.

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