Mom thanks stranger for giving her daughter words of encouragement at new school in Rocky River

Courtesy of Liz Blue

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — A grateful mother is sharing a heartwarming story about her daughter on social media with hopes of inspiring others.

Liz Blue said Marin, who is in seventh grade, has been struggling as a transfer student at her new school.

“She was having such a hard time. Coming home in tears, saying ‘I don’t want to go here’,” Blue wrote in her post.

But, that all changed on Friday when Marin found an anonymous note in her binder. It was from another student offering her words of encouragement.

“Hello! Welcome to the Rocky River School District. You seem a bit quiet and nervous to start here, but I can assure you the staff and students here are very friendly. I hope you have a great year,” it read.

Blue said the simple act of kindness made Marin’s day. She came home with a big smile on her face talking about new people she met and her classes.

“Parents of this child: You have done one hell of a job,” she said.

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