Jaguar at Akron Zoo diagnosed with breast cancer

AKRON, Ohio – The Akron Zoo is sharing news about one of its jaguars.

18-year-old Naom was recently diagnosed with cancer.

According to the zoo, a malignant tumor was recently found on her mammary gland.

The zookeeping team found it when they spotted a mass on her abdomen.

The zoo reports the mass began growing in the first couple of days after it was discovered.

During tests, veterinary staff says it found additional small tumors up and down the gland, in addition to the mass.

The Akron Zoo says like humans, breast cancer in felines is hormonally linked.

The zoo says its cats are not spayed because they are part of a species survival plan.

They say jaguars are more prone to breast cancer than other cats.

The zoo says the life expectancy of a jaguar is 18 years.

Because of her age and the size and growth of the mass, the staff says her tumor is inoperable.

They say Naom is still behaving normally and still on exhibit at the zoo.

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