New Hampshire governor rules woman can keep ‘PB4WEGO’ vanity license plate despite state’s recall

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ROCHESTER, N.H. - After the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles tried to make a mother give up her bathroom-humored license plate, the state's governor stepped in to ensure she got to keep it.

If you're a parent, heading out the door before a car ride with the kids probably goes a little like this:

Parent: "Did you go to the bathroom?"

Child: "No, I don't have to go."

Parent: "Go now, you may not get the chance later."

That was pretty much the ongoing conversation Wendy Auger had with her four kids so much that she made it her vanity license plate for 15 years.

Auger is proud of her "PB4WEGO" plate and said she's never had any issues with it. Until now.

New Hampshire asked Auger, in a letter she received August 16, to surrender her plate because it includes a phrase relating to "sexual or excretory acts or functions," said Auger.

"I'm not a political activist," she said. "But this is a non-offensive thing that I've had and it's part of who we are as a family and who I am and there was zero reason for them to take it away."

The recall letter said Auger had 10 days to surrender her plate with the option to choose another vanity plate at no extra cost or have one assigned to her.

If Auger chose to get a regular plate, a portion of her vanity plate fee would be refunded to her, according to the letter.

After hearing about Auger's situation from a mutual friend, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu got involved.

"Upon this being brought to my attention, I reached out to the Division of Motor Vehicles and strongly urged them to allow Wendy to keep the license plate she has had for the last 15 years," Sununu told CNN in a statement.

"I recently left a message on her phone to share the good news that her plate will not be recalled."

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