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Rocky River PD partners with ‘Ring’ doorbell camera system to help solve crimes

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- A local police department is the first in Northeast Ohio to partner with Ring, the doorbell camera system owned by Amazon.

And while some embrace the idea of new technology helping to police their neighborhoods, others have concerns about home privacy.

“The impression people are getting is that we can access people’s ring video without their knowledge and we simply can’t do that,” said Lt. George Lichman, with the Rocky River Police Department.

According to Lichman, the program started earlier this year and they are able to connect with Ring owners through the Neighbors by Ring app.

“We can also post to Ring users and Neighbors app subscribers,” said Lichman.

In the case of any criminal activity or suspicious behavior, police have a law enforcement portal that allows them to access home security footage only with the owner’s permission.

“I get the concerns.  I use one of these products at home and if I thought a third party was watching the video without my knowledge, I would rip it off my front my door. That is not how the ring program works.  Any video that we have access to we got explicit consent from the owner of that video,” said Lichman.

He said only 400 police departments across the United States use the program.

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