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No visitors allowed: New parents telling family to stay away from newborns

Photo of a young mother holding her newborn baby, while putting him to sleep-courtesy: GETTY

Having a baby normally brings families and friends from near and far to visit and welcome the new addition. But for some new parents, they are saying no visitors allowed after the baby arrives, including grandparents.

The parenting style is called cocooning. A practice that is used for adopted children to bond with their new families is now becoming popular with parents after the birth of their child.  First-time parents are now turning away visitors for weeks or even months after the baby is born.

One couple told the New York Post they have a strict visiting policy in place for when their baby comes home. Nicolle and Brad Pritchard said no guests will be allowed at their apartment for two weeks and family members won’t be spending the night for a month.

Nicolle told the New York Post, “My mother-in-law was already looking to book her flight . . . and my parents wanted to come and help as well. But it’s such an important and delicate time. There are so many changes we have to get used to . . . and as much as all of them have great intentions and want to help us, we want it to be just us and the baby.”

What do you think of this approach?  What did you do when your newborn came home?

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